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Full text of "Minutes of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1863"

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Thirfg-eightli Annual Session 







Ncto 3Probfaence, Alamance (ITountg, N. <£., P § 
• OCTOBER- 8th, 9th and 101^1863; (^ r 




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NEW PROVIDENCE, K. C, Oct. 8th, 1863. 

The "North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference" met 
pursuant to adjournment, and was called to order by Elder Sol- 
omon Apple, President of last Session. 

On motion, Elder C. A. Apple was chosen Secretary pro tern: 

Conference then opened with singing and prayer by Elder 
Thos. J. Fowler. 

On motion, a Committee of three was appointed to nominate 
permanent officers for the Conference. 

The Committee, after a short retirement, returned, and re- 
ported as follows \ 

For President, Elder A. G. Anderson ; for Vice President, 
Bro. W. K. Martin ; for Secretary, Elder C. A. Apple ; for As- 
sistant Secretary, Capt. Thomas A. Martin. 

The vote being taken, the above named brethren Were unani- 
mously elected. 

Conference then went into the enrollment of Ministers and 

The result was as follows : 

Elders Present. — D. T. Deanes, W. N. Bragg, J. R. Holt, 
T. G. Craven, J. McCulloch, Solomon Apple, E. W. Beale, J. 
N. Farrell, A. G. Anderson, T. J. Fowler, P. W. Allen, J. W. 
Wellons, W. S. Long, W. D. Moffit, C. A. Apple, A. Iseley, 
Chastien Allen, G. G. Walker, J. N. Manning, H. B. Hayes, R. 
G. Tinnin, Thomas Fruitt. . 

Elders Absent. — B. N. Hopkins, A. Franks, W. M. Craven, 
Jos. Albright, W. H. Doherty, A. Apple, L. Lambeth, Wm. 
Rollins, A. S. Nelson, A. Craven, J. S. Swift. 

Licentiates Present. — W. K. Martin, L. C; Madison, J. S. 
Lawrence, Bennetjt Ansley, J. Goodrich, C. A. Boon, Abner 


Licentiates Absent. — W. H. Franks, P. R. Jones, A. T. 

(For list of Delegates see Statistical Table.) 

On motion, Elder W. B. Wellons, of the Eastern Virginia 
Conference, and Elder J. M. Minnis, of the Tennessee Confer- 
ence, were invited to take seats as deliberative members. 

On motion, the Chair was requested to appoint the usual Com- 
mittees, and report this afternoon. 

A petition was presented by Elder J. N". Farrell from the 
church at New Eiam, praying to be admitted into Conference. 
This prayer was unanimously granted. 

On motion, the delivery of the Annual Address was called 
for. / 

Conference then had the pleasure of listening to a very inter- 
esting and instructive address from Elder Wm. S. Long. 

On motion, a Committee of three was appointed on Religious 

Conference then adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock, p. m. 

/ 2 O'CLOCK, P. M. 

Conference met pursuant to adjournment, and was called to 
order by the President. 

The Chair then announced the following Committees,- viz : 

On Ordination. — J. R. Holt, S. Apple, A. Iseley, E. W. 
Beale, T. J. Fowler.. 

On Home Missions. — Josiah McCulloch, J. W. Wellons, W. 
N. Bragg. j 

On Statistics. — Chastien Allen, J. N. Farrell, J. W. Hatch. 

On Temperance. — D. T. Deanes, G. G. Walker, P. W. Allen. 

On Sabbath Schools. — J. N. Manning, T. G. Craven, Wm. S. 

On Memoirs.— D. T. Deanes, G. G. Walker, R. T. Wilkins. 

On Finance.— W. S. Long, W. D. Moffit, Dr. S. J. Moffit. 

On Ministerial Supply. — A. Iseley, J. W. Hatch, Thos. J. 
'Herndon, R. Tuck, Jacob Huffines, Samuel Crawford, Bedford 

On Character and Standing of the Ministry. — Thomas Gra- 
ham, M. C. Winston, A. Fulton, P. R. Harden, N. Dafford, W. 

Resolved, That the President appoint a Committee of seven 
to consider the propriety of publishing a denominational paper. 

The Chair announced the following brethren as a Committee 
on the above resolution, viz: T. J. Fowler, A. Iseley, S. Apple, 
W. B. Wellons, J. M. Minnis, Dr. S. J. Moffit, J. 1ST. Manning. 

On motion, the letter's from the various churches were received 
and read. 

On motion, Rev. Mr. Gilbreth, of the M. P. Church, was in- 
vited to take a seat in Conference. 

On motion, Elder J. W. Wellons was appointed to deliver the 
next annual address before Conference, and Elder E. W. Beale 
was appointed his alternate. 

Resolved^ That a Committee be appointed to examine into the 
propriety of remodeling our present district system, and report 
thereon to-morrow. 

In accordance with the above resolution, the President an- 
nounced the following Committee : J. R. Holt, J. W. Hatch, 
M. C. Winston, C. Allen, B. McKay, Dr. S. J. Moffit, R. T. 
Wilkin s. 

J. N. Farrell offered a resolution touching the literary qualifi- 
cations of brethren desiring to enter the ministry. Laid on the 
table, and made the special order for to-morrow at 10 o'clock. . 

Conference then 'adjourned to meet on to-morrow morning at 
9 o'clock. Singing and prayer by Elder Chastien Allen. 


Conference met according to adjournment ; the President in 
the Chair. Prayer by Elder E. W. Beale. 

The Minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 

Resolved., That dur thanks are due, and are hereby tendered 
to Rev. W. S. Long, for the able address delivered by him at 
the opening of Conference. 

A petition was presented from the Church at Lindsey's Chap- 
el, Pittsylvania county, Va., asking to be admitted into Confer- 
ence. Granted unanimously. 

Bio. Farrell' s resolution in regard to ministerial qualifications 
was taken up, and after considerable discussion and the offering 
of several amendments, the whole subject was laid on the table 

On motion, Elder McCulloch was added to the Committee on 
re-establishing a denominational paper. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock, p. m. 

2 O'CLOCK, P. M. 
Conference convened, "and was called to order' by t the Presi- 

On motion, Rev. Mr. Sfreck, of the Lutheran Church, was in- 
vited to a seat among the members of Conference. 

The Committee on Statistics presented their report, which 
was received and adopted. , (See Appendix.) 

The Committee, appointed to inquire into the expediency of 
reviving the "Christian Sun," made the following report,^ which 
was received and adopted : 


The Committee, appointed to inquire as to the possibility of 
resuscitating the "Christian Sun," report : That the obstacles in 
the way of re-establishing that paper niay be removed by the 
ministers and friends of the Christian Church, if they will unite 
their efforts in procuring for it a liberal patronage. They would 
therefore recommend Rev. W. B. Wellons as Editor, and that 
Conference appoint corresponding Editors to the number of three, 
who, together with the local Editor, shall constitute a Commit- 
tee to make arrangements for the publication of the paper at 
some printing establishment, either in Virginia or North Caro- 
lina, and upon such terms as they may deem • most expedient. 
The Committee would further recommend that Conference de- 
vise some means to ensure a competent support to Elder Wel- 
lons ; and that he be employed as Editor, as a visitor among the 
churches of this Conference, and to the Army if possible, and 
also to such other places as he may think inviting. 

Respectfully submitted, 
T. J. Fowler, Chairman. 

In accordance with the recommendations contained in the 
foregoing report, Elder W. B. Wellons was chosen Editor, and 
Elders J . N. Manning, W. D. Moffit and Dr, E, F. Watson were 
chosen Associate Editors. 

At the request of Elder Moffit, Elder E. W. Beale ^was ap- 
pointed Associate Editor in his stead. 

It was moved by Elder Manning that Conference endeavor to' 
find twenty men who should obligate themselves to sustain Eld. 
Wellons in his efforts to revive the "Christian Sun." Laid on 
the table till to-morrow. 

On motion, leave was granted to Rev. Mr. Sheck to bring for- 


ward a proposition in regard to the establishment of an Educa- 
tional Asylum for the benefit of the indigent female orphans *f 
deceased and disabled soldiers. 

Mr. Sheck then addressed the Conference at some length in 
regard to the objects of the Institution proposed. 

The following resolutions on the above named subject were 
introduced by Dr. E. F. Watson, and unanimously adopted : 

Hesolved, 1. That the thanks of this Conference be, and are 
hereby, tendered to Bro. Sheck, for the able address he has de- 
livered in regard to the efforts which are now being made to 
establish a female orphan Asylum, for the purpose of furnishing 
a home and an education to the daughters of deceased and dis- 
abled soldiers ; which Asylum is to be free from all sectarian in- 

Mesolved, 2. That the ministers of this Conference be request- 
ed to tender to Bro. Sheck, at such times as he may desire, the 
use of the churches under their pastoral charge, for the purpose 
of soliciting donations for this enterprise. 

On motion, Elder J. M. Minnis, of tht> Tennessee Conference, 
was received as a member of this Conference and as an Elder 

The Committee, appointed at last session to devise a plan for 
procuring and dispensing a circulating library, made a report, 
which was received, and after some discussion, laid on the table 

The Committee on Temperance made the ^following report, 
which was received and adopted : 


We, your Committee on Temperance, beg leave to report:— 
That we cannot, in terms sufficiently strong, condemn the use of 
spirituous liquors as a beverage. Alcohol, once vainly imagined 
by the Arabians, from its momentary effects, to be the water of 
life, has been the bane of human society. It has sullied the 
crowns of kings, confused the counsels of statesmen, and caused 
a reckless sacrifice of life by distracting the brains of otherwise 
clear-headed commanders. It is an insidious foe that brings pol- 
lution and shame to the mansions of the rich, and degradation 
and misery to the cottages of the poor. We are taught in the 
Word of God that when a people is in "adversity" it should 
"consider." Instead of this, we see men, filling places of public 
trust, striving to drown their own and their country's cares with 
draughts from the intoxicating bowl. How strongly, thee, 
should wc condemn a practice which is blighting the hopes, and, 


worse than all, destroying the immortal souls of men of all ages 
and conditions, throughout our land. 

We do therefore recommend, that Conference request each 
one of its ministers to deliver addresses at their several churches 
during the present year, discountenancing the use and abuse of 
ardent spirits. 

Respectfully submitted, 

D. T. Deaites, Chairman. 
The Committee on Memoirs brought forward the following 
report, which was received and adopted : 


We, your Committee on Memoirs, beg leave to report : That 
we find nothing on this subject which claims our attention, i 

Respectfully submitted, 

D. T. Deanes, Chairman. 

On motion, the hour of 2 o'clock, to-morrow, was set apart as 
an hour of special prayer in behalf of our bleeding country. 

On motion, the Rev. Mr. Smoot, of the M. E. Church, was 
invited to a seat in C£>ference. 

Conference then adjourned to meet to-morrow morniag at 9 
o'clock, a. m. Singing and prayer by Rev. Mr. Smoot. 


Conference convened — singing and prayer by the President. 

The Minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 

On motion, the credentials of Elder J. M. Minnis, which he 
had lost in Tennessee, were renewed. 

On motion, the licenses of Brethren C. A. Boon and Bennet 
Ansley, which had also been lost, were also renewed. * 

On motion, the Committee on Ordination was rescinded. 

Elder W. S. Long introduced the following preamble and 

Whereas, The present system of receiving candidates into 
the ministry is inefficient to the attainment of the ends desired ; 

Resolved, 1. That we will retain, for the present, the course of 
study which has already been adopted ; with a view, however, 
of increasing this course as soon as circumstances may justify. 

Resolved, 2. That a Committee of seven Eldei*s, from the sev- 
eral sections of the Conference, be appointed, to give assistance 

and advice of a literary character to all persons desiring to enter 
the ministry. 

Resolved, 3. That the ministers of this body be requested to 
solicit contributions for the purpose of affording literary help to 
such candidates as may require it. 

Resolved, 4. That the aforementioned Committee be empow- 
ered to examine all applicants for license or ordination ; and that 
all funds, collected for the education of such applicants, shall be 
placed in the hands of said Committee, to be disposed of as they 
may deem most expedient. 

Resolved, 5. That all candidates for the ministry, shall be taken 
tinder the care of Conference, and shall be examined from time 
to time until their proficiency shall be such, as, in the judgment 
of the Committee, may entitle them to license or ordination. 

The above preamble and resolutions were taken up one by 
one, and, after considerable discussion, adopted. 

The Committee on Home Missions made the following report, 
which was received and adopted : 


The Committee on Home Missions beg leave to report : That 
this subject ever deserves the careful consideration of all reli- 
gious bodies. Especially does it demand the attention of a 
church like our own, in its infantile state. Ho agency can be 
more effective in disseminating religious light and knowledge - 
than the faithful missionary. As an extraordinary ministerial 
service, nothing can be more important. The idea is not a new 
one ; it is as old and as honorable as the Church of Christ. In 
every age of the church, missions have been employed for the 
same great purpose of benevolence. Oftentimes have individu- 
als gone forth with no other authority than the impressions of 
their own minds ; and the most beneficial results have been seen. 
Ecclesiastical assemblies have more frequently employed learned 
and pious individuals to travel in new and destitute fields for the 
self-sacrificing work of evangelists; and the cause of God has' 
been promoted ,in proportion to the devotion and zeal of the 
laborers. As time advances, and the demands for evangelical 
operations increase, would it not be palpable negligence to omit 
sending out a sufficient number of persevering and zealous men, 
to operate beyond the present limits of this Conference, and at 
destitute points within those limits ? Especially would the Com- 
mittee invite the attention of Conference to the subject of send- 
ing ministerial help to the different divisions of our army. Such 
aid would alleviate the burdens and miseries incident to camp 
life, by serving our brave defenders with the messages of lovc 3 


and strengthening and comforting them with the prdil$%s of 
God. How eminently would such labor comport with our or- 
ganization and purposes, and avowed principles as a church. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. M'Cuxloch, Chairman. 
On motion, Elder W. S. Long, Secretary of last session, was 
instructed .to pay to the Proprietors of the Richmond Enquirer, 
and other papers requested to copy, the sum due for advertising 
its meeting four times ; and draw upon the Conference Treasurer 
for the amount. 

On motion, the Chair was requested to appoint a Conference. 
Committee of fire. 

Resolved, That our thanks* are due, and are hereby tendered 
to the brethreu and friends around New Providence, for their 
kind and hospitable treatment of the members of this Conference. 

On motion, the Chair was requested to appoint a Committee 
of five to locate the next meeting of Conference, and report this 
afternoon. The Chair appointed J. N. Manning, J, N. -Fan-ell, 
T. J. Fowler, J. W. We-llons, J. R. Holt. 

Conference then adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock, p, m. 

2 O'CLOCK, P. M, 

Conference met pursuant to adjournment, and was called to 
order by the President. 

The hour, appointed for special prayer in behalf of our suffer- 
ing country, having arrived, Conference gave way, and an hour 
was spent in a very interesting manner. 

After the conclusion of these exercises, Conference resumed, 
but, on motion, took a recess, in order to allow time for a meet- 
ing of the Home Missionary Society. 

After a short recess, Conference again resumed. 

The Committee on the Character and Standing of the Minis- 
try made the following report, which was received and adopted ; 

,-. 'J REPORT, , r. . irf diaioutxo 

Your CommittetUpn the Character' and Standing of the Min- 
istry, beg leave to report : That we find all the Ministers in good 
standing, with the exception of B. N<. Hopkins and W. II. Do- 
herty, whose cases are yet to be investigated. Your Committee 
would- also state that J. I. Hobby, formerly reported in bad 


standing, has obtained a letter of withdrawal from the local 
church of which he wasji member. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Thos. Grahaxt, Chairman, 

On motion, the cases of Elders Hopkins and Doherty were 
referred to the Conference Committee, 

Besolved, That the Secretary be requested to prepare the pro- 
ceedings of Conference for publication as soon as practicable ; 
and have 500 copies printed for distribution. 

The Committee, appointed to locate the next meeting of Con- 
ference, reported Antioch, Chatham county, 1ST. C, as a suitable 
place. The question having been put to Conference, it was 
agreed that the next session should be held there. 
"*The Committee, appointed to examine candidates for the min- 
istry, brought in the following report, which was received and 
adopted : 

' ' ' it ' REPORT. 

The Committee of Examination beg leave to report: »That the 
candidates for ordination were Bros. J. Goodrich and J. S. Lau- 
rence. These brethren give high hopes of usefulness in the fu- 
ture. They have made considerable proficiency in their studies. 
The Committee however recommend that their ordination do* 
not take place at present. * 

Bro. J. W. McLemore was examined as a candidate for license; 
and the brother is recommended to the fostering care of Confer- 
ence, and that he be encouraged to labor on under his present 
license (from his church,) and pursue his studies yet farther. 

Bro. Jno. W. Hatch is recommended to license from Confer- 
ence. Respectfully submitted, 

Jno. R. Holt, ■Chairman, 

Conference then adjourned to meet at 7 o'clock, p. in. 

7 O'CLOCK, P. M. 

Conference convened, — the President in the chair. 

On motion, the Rev. Dr. C. F. Deems, of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, was invited to a seat in Conference. 

On motion, the Committee on Sabbath Schools was excused 
from reporting. 

On motion, the sum of $50 each, was appropriated to the^'id- 
ows of Elders Kerr, Cole, and Evans. 

The Chair announce!! (he following Conference. Committee for 


the ensuing year, viz: J. R. Holt, J. 1ST. Manning, S. Apple, J, 
W. Wellons, E. W. Beale. 

The following Committee was announced in accordance with 
the resolutions in regard to receiving candidates into the minis- 
try, viz : J. 1ST. Manning, J. R. Holt, S. Apple, W. S. Long, E. 
W. Beale, W. D. Moffit, A. G. Anderson. (N. B. Eld. Ander- 
son was placed on the Committee at the special request of Con^ 

On motion, Bro. Jno, Goodrich was assigned as a missionary 
to the county of Halifax, X. C. 

On motion, credentials of ordination, which heretofore had 
been by some inadvertency omitted, were ordered to be given 
to Elder Josiah McCulloch. 

On motion, the ministers and friends generally, were request- 
ed to solicit subscribers, with a view to the re-establishment of 
the "Christian Sun," and report to Rev. W. B. Wellons, at Pe- 
tersburg, Va., by the 20th of December, proximo. 

On motion, it was determined that the next meeting of Con- 
ference begin on Wednesday before the 2d Sabbath in October, 
1864, at 9 o'clock, a. m, 

On motion, the Secretary was authorized to draw upon the 
Treasurer for the sum of five dollars, ($5,) in order to defray 
the contingent expenses of his office. 

On motion, the thanks of Conference were extended to its offi^ 
cers, the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Assistant 
Secretary, for their faithful and efficient services. 

A meeting of the Home Missionary Society being about to 
take place, Conference gave way, and adjourned to meet with 
the church at Antioch, Chatham county, N. C, on Wednesday 
before the 2d Sabbath in October, 1864^ at 9 o'clock, ante 

A. G. ANDERSON, President. 
W, K. MARTEN", Vice-President, 

C. A. Apple, Secretary. 
Thos. A. Martin, Ass't Sec'y. 



The Session of Conference was large and respectable, when 
we take into consideration the extremely troubled state of the 
country. The brethren and friends of Graham and the vicinity 
entered with a liberal spirit into the hospitalities of the occasion. 
The manner in which visitors were treated, reflects great credit 
upon themselves and Elder E. W. Beale, the excellent pastor at 
New Providence. The business of Conference was done in a 
decent and orderly manner ; and the greatest harmony and 
brotherly love prevailed during the entire Session. Letters 
from all parts of the Conference told of the gracious revivals 
which had taken place in almost every section. The members 
of Conference, in separating, felt that, notwithstanding the pall 
of woe which hangs in funereal blackness over our land, yet the 
Lord has been very gracious in visiting His people. May Gqd. 
bless this, as all other efforts, to advance His own glory, and to 
alleviate the miseries of earth, by pointing men from its gloom 
to the enjoyment of Heaven, Home,, and Happiness. 

' X ts r * /VjSeceetaet, 


Your Committee on Finance beg leave to report : That, after 
examining the Treasurer's accounts, we find him charged as 

14 • 

To Cash on hand for 1862, - . * * - $ 19.10 
" " received " 1863, - ' ^ - - 452.95 

' *\ V VI \X ' V. 
By Cash paid for printing Minutes, 1862, $38.00 
mg *f « " ^dv. Conf. Meeting, V 14.00 52.00 

^ Balance nr hand, 

$ 480.65 

^ y^**^ • Respectfully submitted, 

W. S. Long, Chairman, 

*This report was omitted on the face of the Minutes by 

The following is the list of contributions for the Conference 


O'KelleyV ' ' Ml. 15 Pleasant Spring, $12.50 

Pope's Chapel, 30.35 Zion, 4.70 

Lebanon, • 12.00 New Providence, 62.60 

Pleasant Grove, [N. C] 8.00 Shallow Ford, 10.00 

Damascus, * 10.00 Pleasant Hill, [Johnson] 14.50 

limes' Chapel, 5.00 Pleasant Grove, [Va.] 25.00 

OakLevdl, 14.35 Mt.' Auburn, 24.35 

Shiloh, N. C., • 1 5.00 Good Hope, 13.25 

Liberty Hill, 6.20 Fuller's, 13.65 

Hanks' Chapel, 8.00 Christian Chapel, 1.25 

Bethel, 7.00 Bethlehem, 7.00 

Wake Chapel, 10.10 Parks' Roads, 2.50 

Union, [Alamance,] J 86.85 Apple's Chapel, 13.10 

Concord, 5.00 New Elam, 5.00 
Plaasafit Hill, [Chatham,] 5.00 

Ministerial Arrangements for the Conference year 1864: 
Ban River Association, W. S. Long, J. N. Manning, C. A. 
Apple; Tar River, J. W. Wellons, J. M. Minnis; New Hope, 
T. J. Fowler, J. N. Farrell; Middle Creek, D. T. Deanes, W. 
N. Bragg; Cape Fear, Bennet Ansley, W. D. Moffit ; Deep 
River, A. L. Nelson, J. S. Lawrence; Haw River, E. W> Beale, 


A. G. Anderson ; Reedy Fork, P. W. Allen ; Salem Chapel, A. 
Iseley ; Lebanon, S. Apple ; New Salem, Moore county, — — ; 

Liberty, Moore county, ; Pleasant Ridge, Randolph 

county, . 


The Home Missionary Society of the K. V. and Va. Christian 
Church assembled at Providence Church, Alamance county, on 
Saturday, the 10th day of October, 1863. 

Rev. W. K. Martin was called to the chair, and Rev. E. ^Y. 
Beale was appointed secretary. 

An election of officers was held, which resulted in the election 
of Rev. A. G. Anderson, President ; Rev. W. K. Martin, Vice 
do. ; Rev. Josiah McCulloch, Treasurer, and Rev. E. W. Beale, 

A Committee of three was appointed to audit the Treasurer's 

The Society then adjourned to meet again at candle-lighting. 

1 O'CLOCK, P. M. 

Tlie Society was called to order by Rev. A. G. Anderson. 

The Committee appointed to audit Treasurer's account, hand- 
ed in report, which was adopted. 

Rev. J. N. Manning being called upon, appealed to the con- 
gregation in a very happy effort, and about one thousand dollars 
"was given as a donation to the enterprise. 

The Society elected Rev. J. R. Holt a missionary to the army. 

Revs. J. W. Wellons, W. S. Long and E. Vf . Beale were ap- 
pointed a Committee to solicit donations from the congregation 
on to-morrow. 

On motion, the Secretary of the Society was requested to fur- 
nish a copy of the proceedings of the Society to the Secretary 
of Conference to be published with the Minutes of Conference. 

On motion, the Treasurer was ordered to pay the Missionary 
of the* Society quarterly. . 

The Society then adjourned to meet at Antioch Church, Chat- 
ham county, N. C, on Saturday before the 2d Sabbath in Octo- 
ber, 1S64. 

A. G. AKpERSOX. Chm'n, 
• E. YY. Beale, ScVt. ' 

- % 


• \ ;